Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is everything listed on your website?
A: No. Items change daily , if you don't see something call and tell us .
Q: Do you sell to the public?
A: Yes. We are open late every weekday, closed Saturday & Sunday.
Q: What do you sell besides ice cream?
A: We have a full line of dessert cakes, muffins, cookies, fruit shell sorbets.
Q: Do you sell dry ice?
A: Yes as well as wet ice (ice cubes)
Q: How is the dry ice sold ?
A: It is sold by the 1/4 block (minimum) it is about the size of a loaf bread and weighs 9-11 lbs.
Q: Can you cut the dry ice to any size?
A: Yes. We can custom cut to any size.
Q: Do you sell or rent freezers?
A: Yes. Call for more details
Q: Do you rent cold storage space?
A: Yes. Call for further details and visit our website at
Q: Do you transport frozen products?
A: Yes. Call for pricing
Q: Do you rent your trucks for catered events?
A: Yes. Call for pricing.
Q: If I have a store , do you supply a freezer to me? Do I have to pay?
A: Yes we supply you with a freezer with first paid order and your continued commitment to buy from us.
Q: Are you able to ship perishable goods from your facility locally and nationally?
A: Yes, through our partnership with UPS and our expert knowledge of handling/packaging dry ice; we provide premium storage and shipping solutions for your perishable goods.